Développer votre intelligence.

Votre intelligence est quelque chose qui peut et va se développer, avec les efforts nécessaires, de bonnes stratégies et le support de cette école ».
Ce message est capital pour la motivation des étudiants.
Il propose un recadrage à une question méta "Comment considérez-vous votre intelligence ?" 


Carol Dweck on Performance Assessment (Teaching Channel) from Teaching Channel on Vimeo.


« What about the kids that don’t « get » school ? What about the kid who doesn’t see the point or the purpose of sitting in a desk and doing assignments that have never motivated her in the past ? Or the kid who is always assigned tasks that perpetuate the notion that he is simply « not that smart ? »

The good news is that these students can be reached by the right kind of mindset by adults at every school. There is a sweet spot in education, where educators provide the optimal environment, support and standards and students find the motivation and purpose to own their education and work hard for success. This is especially important for disengaged and disadvantaged students. These are the students who most need schools that will help them experience school differently and overcome doubts about their own abilities. They need schools, in other words, that encourage « the growth mindset… »

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